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  • A task and backup scheduler for Z-DBackup or Z-DATdump

    Whats new in version 5.0.01:
    • The Z-Cron commands HIBERNATE and STANDBY were reverted to their original function. They put the computer into standby and hibernation mode.
    • PC Timer functionality, i.e. automatic wakeup from standby or hibernation mode, is now possible with the commands PC-TIMER and/or WAKEUPONSTANDBY. The desired wakeup time can be specified with weekday and time.
    • The SMTP client integrated in Z-Cron can now be set up to use ports 587 (TLS) and 465 (SLS) instead of only the default port 25. This allows Z-Cron to be used with a GMail account.
    • The built-in functions that need a connection to a user's desktop will now work correctly and are able to display their messages on the desktop, even when Z-Cron runs as a service in the LocalSystem account.
    • In addition to the existing commands to start MP3 playback with an external software, Z-Cron can now play MP3 files on its own as well.

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